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Performing in-depth and complete lighting audits is crucial for successful projects. Our team at BestLight is able to do full surveys of lighting areas, determine project and savings costs, and provide guidance to our clients as to their best lighting options.


Knowledgeable in both the technical and aesthetic aspects of all things LED lighting, we are able to provide guidance and recommendations for lighting plans that fit within all different kinds of budgets and project needs.


Once an audit and design consultation is completed, we put together a full report for our clients outlining detailed project metrics including: current energy costs, return on investment, project materials, labor and material costs, delivery timeline.


At BestLight LED we have our own storage facility allowing us to temporarily house project material. This means material allocated to projects can be ordered ahead of time, safely stored at our 13,000 square foot facility, and released to the project team when appropriate. This saves our customers overhead, and helps us plan ahead to ensure a timely delivery of supplies.

  At BestLight LED we use our deep industry knowledge of the LED market to bring innovative and cost-effective lighting solutions to our clients. From entire school districts to award-winning Olympic training facilities, we have the experience needed to complete the largest of projects on time, every time.



By serving 4,500 students each year in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, the South-Euclid-Lyndhurst City School District plays a key role in providing the educational needs for a community nearly 1.2 million people strong. This Fall we worked with the district to update their lighting for all seven of the district buildings.


The SPIRE Institute is a premier Olympic and Sports training facility in Geneva, Ohio. With over 750,000 square feet on the premises, SPIRE houses and trains elite athletes from all over the country. We've recently been awarded an over $300,000 contract to provide all the lighting supplies for their campus-wide renovations.


For car dealerships, lighting is a key component for showrooms and customer areas. We've had the opportunity to provide site-wide lighting for multiple dealerships including that for KIA, Audi, and Nissan.

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